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Letters concerning articles and columns from issue 854/855
January 22, 2002
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Claudette Sexy DJ

Ms. Coble must surely be a neophyte when it comes to the really hottest and best known (and very out) lesbian DJs of the Los Angeles Club/Party circuit. None of the womyn shown in her article ["Collect 'Em All!"] have the exhaustive repertoire and experience, let alone commitment to the GLBT community, in Los Angeles as does Claudette Sexy DJ.

Claudette has been at the top of the heap long before lesbian DJs were ever heard of, and having been in the business since the 70's knows a hell of a lot more about what music people want to party and and dance to than the sad choices Ms. Coble has chosen.

Whether it's leading the Gay Parade every year or contributing her valuable time and effort to fundraisers at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, she is tireless in her devotion to our community. Her popularity has earned her gigs in Salt Lake City, Denver and Dallas, besides her regular out of town engagements in Santa Barbara and San Francisco.

A frequent entertainer at the Women's week/ Dinah Shore Tournament in Palm Springs, hers is an electric and wild party experience that can be measured by the excited screams of adulation from the large throngs of the womyn attending. Shouts of "SEXY DJ, SEXY DJ" follow her throughout her performances, and perform she does, well beyond the expectations of regular and jaded partiers.

When Claudette works a gig she doesn't stay away from the crowd, hidden in a booth like Ms. Coble's choices but rather she regularly gets down and works the crowd during the songs, cheering the party or club attendees on, making sure everyone has a memorable experience.

A frequent Club/ party goer with homes in Florida, New York and L.A. I feel that Ms. Coble could have given a better representation of popular lesbian DJs than a foul-mouthed wannabe from Winnetka, a Cher wannabe from Miami, or the two tepid L.A. based DJs, one a bland copy of Claudette and the other entirely clueless.

Jonathan Henning-Bauer
Cape Coral, Fla.